Childhood Wounds Healing

Childhood Wounds healing

Childhood Wounds Healing

Many times we observe that some people have a completely different behavioural pattern from rest of us which makes them feel as they don’t fit to be here. Some common signs for such a behaviour are mood swings, remain in past, not focus on present, stuck at one place in life, attachment and detachment issues, fear and anxiety issues, suicidal thoughts etc. The main reasons that result in such behaviour are due to events that have occurred in the past like childhood trauma, abuse, neglected by parents, bullied at school, rejection etc. Because of this one is not able to overcome from childhood memories and is also not able to take a step ahead in life and progress.

With the help of divine blessings from Universe and a powerful healing and meditation technique we can heal these childhood wounds and through which one stops living in the past and takes a path towards future.


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